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Where I came from :-)

I grew up in a large Italian family in a little town called Elberon located in the Garden State otherwise known as "the shore". My grandparents migrated from Naples Italy to New Jersey where they raised their families, started their own businesses and lived their American dreams. Even under the weight of the Great Depression and with several children to feed -- they never gave up. I know whole heartedly where my strong will to push forward, my work ethic and my Jersey sense of humor came from. They are deeply a part of me - and for that I am eternally grateful.



Who I am

While most people cannot recall early childhood memories - I have been fortunate to recall many bits and pieces of my early days sometimes feeling as though I am flipping thru a photo album. Those memories and my dreams are always remembered in color. I can remember running my little finger nails up and down the mint green textured walls next to my crib. How annoying! I can remember being walked in my carriage by my mom in her bright red winter coat - the trees and blue sky rolling around her blonde pageboy tumbling in the wind. I remember when our first color TV arrived and how amazing everything looked in Technicolor! And the Christmas I received my first BIG box of 64 crayons with the sharpener in back! Who knew there were so many colors with such interesting names! Periwinkle blue! I loved filling the pages of my coloring books with polka dots and stripes and patterns. Little did I know that I was quietly designing fabric! My parents loved to plant gardens and even though I hated pulling weeds then -- my love of flowers and nature began with the two of them.

After earning a degree in Art (of course) I moved to California where I landed my first real job as a graphic designer producing print based materials for a large Bay Area ad agency. By the early 90s - everything went digital and I transitioned out of print work into multimedia and web design. Computer-based graphics afforded me a palette of millions of colors just a mouse click away. And although I really enjoyed graphic design and still do - I continued searching for that "mysterious something" that unbeknownst to me would one day come to define me.

And that day came one evening while we were vacationing in North Carolina. While staying at the Chalet Inn I met a quilter named Tess - just by chance - and we had a brief life changing conversation. I am sure this woman has no idea today - that she changed my life by simply sharing her passion for quilting with a complete stranger. I listened to her talk about her work as she shared her latest project with me and then I heard myself say out loud - "I've always loved fabric and patterns and colors and I've always wanted to do this." It just came right out of my mouth and we both heard it for the first time together! And then Tess looked at me and softly said "Well - why haven't you"? I was speechless and if you know me - you know that NEVER happens! Why had I never allowed myself to quilt? As I look back now thru some of the things I created up until that point: I designed and created linoleum printing blocks for fabric, made batiks with wax resist, and designed needlepoint quilt blocks... the list goes on and on. I guess I just needed to have another quilter push me into the deep end of the pool!

On the drive home to Florida - now that I had given myself permission to quilt - I made an insane shopping list out loud of everything I was going to need so I could hit the ground running. I needed a new sewing machine and rulers and a rotary cutter and thread and pins and books and patterns and lots and lots of fabric! My husband just nodded. The seed had been planted. He went on vacation with his wife and he came home -- with a quilter!

I did hit the ground running and never stopped! Not far into my quilting journey I test drove a longarm and baby the eagle had landed!! To create texture and design with thread was a natural progression for me. I truly love every aspect of quilting and the fact that there is ALWAYS something new to learn and explore. Today I live happily with my husband David in Central Florida with our feline friends and I quilt from my home studio on a Gammill Classic Plus - affectionately known as Lucy. I am truly blessed to make my living doing something I love so much. God Bless you Tess where ever you are!

Follow your dreams, never stop dreaming and never say never!