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Edge to Edge Quilting
Edge to Edge patterns (pantographs) cover the quilt top from edge to edge and are not stitched in relation to shapes or patterns created in the piecing of the quilt top. This type of continuous line pattern can add visual interest to your quilt without distracting from your piecework. Visit my Patterns page to see some of the many patterns available.

Minimum charge - $40.00
1.7?per sq. in.
Custom Quilting
Custom quilting can include any of the following:
  • Feathers
  • Micro stippling - Tiny meandering
  • Use of templates and rulers
  • Stitch-in-the-Ditch (SID)
  • Separate border, sashing, and cornerstone designs
  • Echo quilting around applique or pieced work
  • Concentric (or overlapping) circles
  • Crosshatching
  • Trapunto
  • Freehand Quilting such as meandering, McTavishing or bouncy shells
Minimum charge - $40.00
2.5?- 5?per
sq. in.
Binding Services
Binding is calculated in linear inches. To determine the cost of binding:
Measure Length + Width x 2
  • Complete Binding
    Machine stitched to front, hand stitched to back with mitered corners

  • Partial Binding
    I machine stitch it to the front and YOU hand sew the backside

  • Creating French Double Fold Binding
    Do NOT pre-cut the binding fabric.?All un-used fabric will be returned to you with the quilt.

25?per linear inch (Min. $22.50)

10¢ per linear inch (Min. $15.00)

Fee for seaming backing fabric together $10.00 per seam
Thread Fee
There is a flat thread fee charge per quilt:
  • Solid
  • Variegated

Memory Quilts

Memory quilts are a great way to remember and celebrate the lives of our family and friends. Memorial quilts can be made from shirts, ties, jeans, dresses, t-shirts, trousers, face clothes and baby bibs - just to name a few things. Please feel free to send me an email to discuss your specific items if you have any questions.

The Process:

Items are delivered to Dar. She will then photograph them and make a color graphic example which will be emailed to you with an estimate. The itemized estimate will include labor and all supplies needed including fabric for sashing between quilt blocks, borders, binding and backing for the quilt. Once the design is agreed upon - a 50% deposit fee is required before any work begins. The remaining 50% is due when the quilt is completed and ready for pick up.

A few rules apply:

  • PLEASE WASH ALL ITEMS beforehand!
  • Do not cut anything apart - Dar will do that.
  • If you decide to supply the backing - it CANNOT BE MINKY or any other stretchy knit type fabric. Cotton is your best bet.
All fees subject to change without notice.